My One Year Blogging Anniversary!

January 25, 2018

Two days ago, my beautiful on the inside and out creative friend, Caroline, texted me, “I shared your first blog post a year ago today!  You should celebrate!”

I knew my one-year blogging anniversary was approaching, but I kind of forgot (ahem, see blog page title).  But, as I was reminded by Caroline, it is never too late to celebrate!  So, I am doing a little give-away (keep reading)!

The last year has been a busy one.  We moved from our tiny house into a rental property.  It was our third move in less than two years.  Our tiny house, which was moved to make way for the construction of our new house, became a ‘new’ home for an elderly gentleman in the foothills of NC.

tiny house - blog anniversaryOnce we were settled into our rental, we were gifted a pair of black snakes in the attic, which were discovered because of a dead smell that was permeating our ‘master’ bedroom walls.  The rental also has recurrent septic issues, which I shall leave at that.

We went to Disney World where I realized there are actually tired and sad people there, and I compared the experience to child birth (because it is amazing, but no one tells you all of the gory details).

Giving Birth and Disney - Anniversary

We had a bat scare that launched, what seemed to be, an infinite number of trips to various medical practitioners and finally the children’s hospital in Charlotte.  After all the fuss, it was only fitting my daughter wear an dress fit for a queen to the hospital.

bat crazy - anniversary

Time also seemed to be a recurring theme as I watched my babies grow by the day and as we said goodbye to our sweet dog Bella.  Then, a few months later we bid farewell our former dog Zeppelin, who I am sure bounded across the rainbow bridge to chase after a sleeve of fresh tennis balls.

E and Bella - blog anniversary

Zeppelin - blog anniversary

It resonated with me even more so as I observed my father growing more forgetful with the passage of time.

We had elf on the shelf antics, science fair meanderings and sports.   And, through them all, lessons gently handed to us as we navigated the ever-changing world of parenting.

Sick Elf - blog anniversary

baseball joy - blog anniversary

The less significant, yet somehow rather significant writings, included those about the Great American Eclipse, our trips to Virginia, books we love and board games that often occupy our time.

Great American Eclipse - blog anniversary

board games - blog anniversary

And, we plugged away to make selections on our new house, which sits right where the tiny house used to sit for over 40 years.  We should be moved in by spring!

anniversary - house collage

I have written almost 100 posts that all end with some sort of fact about our world or someone who has lived in it.  Through it all you probably learned a little bit too much about me, including the fact that I am a total sucker for a raffle.  And, you probably wondered if I might be a race car driver stalker. 😉

dale jr - blog anniversary

I plugged away, churning out two posts a week and paused on that commitment only twice.  Once, when I was distracted by a girls’ night out (oopsie), and the second time when I took a break over the Christmas holiday.

girls night out - blog anniversary

It has been a good year!

I have no doubt that this year will bring goodness, happiness and maybe a little sadness and/or frustration, simply because that is how life works.  I will continue to pluck out some pieces of those things and pass them along to you via the Mama Brains blog.  I hope you will continue to follow the journey.

Plus, I am still working on my giving theme for 2018, which I am excited about, so make sure you keep checking back on the blog to find out more about that!

And, most importantly, thank you for joining me on the Mama Brains journey!

The Raffle!

If you want to enter to win my one-year anniversary celebration raffle for a $100 Visa gift card, make sure you do all of the following:

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  3. If you are not already a Mama Brains email subscriber, fill out the ‘Subscribe to Join the Journey’ form to the right, which will subscribe you to my weekly emails.  This is your final step to enter the raffle (don’t worry I only send 1-2 emails a week and no spamming!).

The raffle will end at 10:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 30th 2018!  The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Thursday, February the 1st!

Let’s journey together!


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