A Sunny Afternoon in the City, Days After Snowmageddon

January 22, 2018

North Carolina is known for its bi-polar weather.  Frigid temperatures and snow fall one day, sunshine and spring temperatures the next!  I am not sure how the plants cope with the ever-changing temperatures around these parts.  It must be confusing for them.

But, as loyal North Carolinians, we are flexible and try to soak in whatever mother nature is feeling at the time.  A few days ago that was snow.  Yesterday it was sun in the city!

We headed down to Charlotte from Mooresville and intentionally parked south of the city, so that we could take the light rail to the center of the city.

My Sunshine in Charlotte

We got off at Seventh Street station where a fantastic market sits with all kinds of tasty treats and beverages.

Charlotte's Seventh Street Station
After having a little snack we hopped over to Imaginon and played outside on all of their super-cool poetic sculptures.

Hear the Truth - Charlotte

Imaginon - Charlotte

Charlotte Imaginon

Seek the Truth - charlotte

Then, we popped over to the park across the street, which is complete with a lush field, beautiful benches and even a little workout area.  The kids got a little exercise and we all got a little vitamin D.

An Uptown Charlotte Park

Exercise in Charlotte

Climbing Sphere CharlotteUptown Charlotte is such a clean, beautiful, and family-friendly city.  It has come so far from what it was when we moved to the area in the late 90’s.  Or, maybe we just look at it differently now that we have children!

But before long, it was time to head back home, so we grabbed the next train.

Light Rail Charlotte

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful city!

I hope it was beautiful where you are!


How a Maglev Train Works

While the Charlotte light rail is an electric-powered train and not a maglev, I want to share how a magnetic levitation train, or maglev, works.

A maglev train floats on a guideway using the principle of electromagnetism.  Magnetized coils run along the guideway and repel the large magnets on the train’s undercarriage when an electric current is passed through the coils.  The train then levitates and moves via the unique system of magnetic fields which pull and push the train along the guideway.  Since the train is floating essentially on a cushion of air, most friction is eliminated.  The lack of friction allows the trains to reach speeds of more than 310 miles per hour.

Maglev trains use less energy and cost less to maintain and run.  They also emit no pollution.

Maybe, the controversial Interstate 77 toll road can be abandoned and they can put in a maglev instead?  Hey!  A girl can hope and dream! 🙂




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