I’m Back and Surviving the Snow, School Closings and Preparing for a Puppy!

January 18, 2018

I have emerged from the holiday season!  At last!

Admittedly, I am lagging behind more than I thought I would, but life got a little bit in the way.  Thanks to giving myself a little grace about life, I sat my self-imposed deadlines aside and took a breather.  Now I am back and thinking more about the ideas I had at the end of last year on how to take Mama Brains to a different level.

More on that soon in another post!

2017 closed out with the last of our family, Snowflake the elf, falling victim to the stomach bug ;-).  The next thing we knew he was off to the North Pole and we were lounging about eating homemade Christmas candy.  My mom makes the best peppermint balls and peanut butter balls, which are very hard to resist!

Speaking of which, I need to get back to Burn Boot Camp!

The kids have been back in school for just over two weeks.  Well, with the exception of Monday which was Martin Luther King day …. And Tuesday, when the heat went out at school, and I had to pick them up early….. And then yesterday, when it snowed and schools were closed.  And today because school is closed again because of the snow.

How much snow do you think a personal hairdryer can melt off of asphalt? 😉

Honestly, I love it when it snows in North Carolina (probably because it doesn’t happen very often).  Unfortunately though, our state doesn’t have the infrastructure to support clearing the roads very quickly.  So, here we are without any bread or milk and suffering from cabin fever!

To ward off the stir craziness of being cooped up in our small rental, and to distract us from our bread and milk starvation, we ventured outside and took full advantage of the winter wonderland.

Snow Fort - Puppy

Snow Play - PuppyThe kids are also supposed to be out of school Monday and Tuesday for teacher workdays.  Hopefully, it will be warmer by then!  And, hopefully I will retain some particles of sanity through it all.  A mama can only handle so much in a confined space!

To top it off, the clutter of small-space living is getting ready to be further-compromised thanks to a misunderstanding between my husband and me.  A misunderstanding that led to my husband putting a deposit down on a puppy from litter we had not yet seen at the time that is located in the ever-so-close state of … Nevada (ahem).

Truth be known, we have been looking for a puppy for a little while.  There has been a void in our family since Bella passed away last year, especially for our daughter.  She misses Bella so much that she often shares that she wants to die and go to heaven just so she can see her again.  She understands that Bella wouldn’t want that and finds some peace talking to her in her prayers.

We never really thought about how much time she and Bella spent together until Bella was gone.  The realization was even more profound when I flipped through my phone to find pictures to share with you.  These few don’t even scratch the surface.

E and Bella Puppy

Hugs for Bella - Puppy

E and Bella Puppy

A Walk With Bella - PuppyWell, we began our puppy search a couple of months ago.  But every time we honed in on a litter, each puppy would quickly be spoken for.  We decided it was for the best, so that we would be in our new house before we brought a puppy into our family.

Anyway, in our eternal search to find an available litter, we continued searching for breeders.  One night, after the kids had gone to bed, my husband and I wondered if there was such a thing as a German Shepherd/Poodle breed.   We loved the idea of another German Shepherd, but dog allergies dictated otherwise.  We chuckled at what the blend might be called.

‘Germadoodle?’ ‘Poodashep?’ ‘Poodleperd?’ we hypothesized.

Well, seek and ye shall find it on google!

The breed does exist and the puppy offspring of a GSD and a Poodle are called Shepadoodles.

The Shepadoodle breed was created in the 1960’s by the United States Army.  They thought combining the intelligence and aloofness of the GSD with the water loving nature and intelligence of a poodle that they would have the perfect hybrid service dog.  But the more laid-back nature of the poodle kept creeping to the forefront, so the program was abandoned.

So, what was the misunderstanding between my husband and me?

One afternoon, while I was engrossed in a telephone conversation with a friend, my husband apparently came before me to advise he was going to send a deposit to the Nevada Shepadoodle breeder for a male puppy.  When I said, “Okay” (to my friend on the phone), my husband turned around, went back into his office and sent the breeder money.

Later that evening, I cautioned my husband, “I do not think we should give this guy any money until we actually see pictures of the puppies.  Why hasn’t he sent us any pictures?!”  My husband stared back at me with a blank stare.  He blinked.  He blinked again.

I have known my husband for over twenty years.  It was obvious to me that something was amiss.  He confirmed my suspicion when he finally spoke, “I sent him money.  I told you I was sending him money.  You were on the phone and said, ‘okay.'”

I smacked my head.  I. Was. On. The Phone!  I had not okayed sending some guy in Nevada money for a dog we have never seen in photos or otherwise.  I was saying ‘okay’ to my friend, with whom I was on the phone!

Do you all think this ‘breeder’ put our deposit all on red on the roulette wheel, or do you think he is still rolling at the Craps table?

Well, providing, it all turns out to be legitimate, I need to puppy-proof our house and we must also determine how we are going to fetch the little guy from over half-way across the country.

I am happy to report though, that after brainstorming name options over dinner one evening, we have all agreed on a name.  We cycled through various possibilities, such as ‘Wookie,’ ‘Dipper,’ ‘Biscuit’ and even ‘Running Machine.’  Eventually, we landed on ‘Norman.’  It is a fitting name for a furry guy who will live and play on the shores of Lake Norman and swim in its waters.

So, sometime in the middle of February, please think of me as I revert back to managing a baby!  And, when (if) we do get pictures of Norman, I will share them with you right away!

It is nice to be back!


A Little Fact About the Sun

Did you know that every second the sun loses four million tons of its mass to sustain its huge output of energy?  I had no idea this was going on with the sun until my oldest advised me of this fact.  He then set about figuring out how many pounds of mass the sun loses every second, every minute, every hour and every day – without a calculator.

While I am at it, here are a few more facts about the sun, around which our beautiful planet revolves:

  • The sun is so big that it would take almost 1,000 planets the size of Jupiter to fill it up.
  • The sun is made up of gases and plasma.  91 percent of the gas is hydrogen, 8 percent helium and the rest consists of traces of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, magnesium and iron.
  • At its core, the sun is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The density of the sun is so great at its core, and the gravitational pull is so strong, that its hydrogen atoms collide with such force that they meld into helium.  The process, called nuclear fusion, releases energy while creating a chain reaction that allows it to occur over and over again.
  • The produced energy builds up and travels outward through a large area called the convective zone. Then it travels onward to the photosphere, where it emits heat, charged particles, and light.
  • Every 1.5 millionths of a second, the sun releases more energy than all humans consume in an entire year.

Without the sun….well, we would be without…!  Enjoy your many journeys around the sun!

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