Our Elf Got the Stomach Flu!

December 23, 2017

It is only fitting we should find our elf like this last week.

Elf with the Flu at Christmas

We were struck by a stomach bug and have been patiently waiting for it to be done with us, so we can commence with our Christmas traditions!  Albeit a stomach virus, it was possibly the mildest stomach bug ever and only ravaged each person for about four hours.

For that I am very thankful!

Hopefully, we shall still depart on Christmas Eve to spend the holiday with family!  The presents are wrapped (mostly) and we are doing our best to contain our very excited children.  🙂 And, before we leave I will break into a sweat as I rapidly remove Santa’s gifts from hiding while my husband takes the children to fill up the car with gas for our trip.

We just have to make sure they don’t try to come back inside when they come back to pick me up!

Oh, the things we do to ourselves to make the magic of Christmas!

Last year, I was in a full sweat when they returned from the gas station, followed by a full-on panic when the children realized they forgot to say goodbye to Snowflake, the Elf.  They hysterically sobbed and begged to go inside to say goodbye.  Little did they know he was already suffocating, wrapped inside of a Target bag, which was inside a shoe box with my Vince Camutos.

We tried to calm them and convince them it was fine, that they would see him next year, but we lost the battle.  Eventually, we relented and retrieved Snowflake from his ‘home’ with the kitchen tongs and dangled him through the car window.

Through sniffles and teary eyes, they sadly blew kisses and bid their farewells.

Crisis averted.

This year, thanks to the stomach virus, we are departing on Christmas Eve.  So, we told the children to say their goodbyes before they went to bed.  Phew!

I am shutting down for the rest of 2017 to enjoy the spoils of the season without my self-imposed schedule and deadlines.  I shall see you again in 2018, where I look forward to sharing more with you.  I have a couple of cool ideas to take Mama Brains forward and I hope you will stay with me to see them come to fruition.  Giving shall be the theme!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with magic, and a delightful New Year filled with peace and joy!

Until 2018, yours truly,


Melissa - Christmas post


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