Room Mom Duties and Incorporating PEEPS Into Holiday Treats

December 14, 2017

I burnt the dickens out of my pinky finger yesterday while gluing together gingerbread house bases for the twins’ class party.

I am not sure what the ‘dickens’ is and what it looked like when it exited, but I know that it hurt!  And, I have a nice blister to show for all of my handiwork.  This is what one gets while trying to hurry with a glue gun and not paying attention that it was on the nuclear setting!  Ah!  The trials and tribulations of a room mom.

Gingerbread Houses - PeepsI am running out of time in my days to get it all done!  I try to keep committed to my morning workout at Burn Boot Camp, which helps keep me grounded and in shape.  And, once I am done there I’m left with about five hours before I have to pick everyone up from school (if I don’t go home and shower before embarking upon my errands).  Five hours sounds like a lot of time, but somehow it isn’t quite enough for the house keeper, chef, grocery-getter, Santa Claus and laundress to check everything off of their lists.

I need to pay more attention to how my friend Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life manages all of the above, while running a blog and homeschooling.  Then, there is my sister, I wrote about last week, who accomplishes more in a day than I could contemplate doing in a week.  I need to look into tracking devices and stalking laws.

None-the-less, whether or not I have time to, I am definitely excited to guide all of the children through their crafts tomorrow and fill their bellies with Christmas delights.  And, way to go, Just Born, Inc. for realizing you could expand your marshmallow Peep treats beyond Easter!  I know this isn’t the first year, but it is the first year I have noticed.

I scored these Peeps trees for the party to go with the popcorn, tasty cookies and snowman cheese sticks snacks.

Christmas Tree Peeps

The trees peeped peaked my curiosity on Peeps.

So, I poked around on the PEEPS website just to get an idea of what types of Peeps exist these days.  In short, there are lots of choices.  If you have a hankering for a certain type, they even have a Peep locator on their site.  Once you find what you are looking for, you can have them delivered in like one to two days.  No joke.  They also have suggestions on how to “Express your Peepsonality” with Peeps recipes and are currently featuring the “Twelve Days of Peepsmas.”

Both of those sections feature extraordinarily cute ideas which incorporate their seasonal marshmallow treats into crafts and tasty treats.

The icing on the Peep is this drink recipe that most of you may need over the holidays:  a Peppermint Bark PEEPS Martini!

Here is the thing, Peeps may not be the healthiest treat choice (given the gross amounts of sugar and dye alone), but ’tis the season so why not!

Anyway, what did room moms do before Pinterest?  Maybe Pinterest is the reason we now have room moms?  Pinterest – a place devoted to help us keep up with the Joneses and make everything inconceivably perfect and unrealistic. 😉

I kind of miss macaroni crafts painted with toxic gold spray paint, toilet paper roll Santas and the simple smell of the warm mimeograph machine paper.  Did I just date myself?  Hey.  Who would have ever thought that copies could be made in a color other than purple, let alone black?!

The holiday season is always busy and there never seems to be enough time.  But then somehow there ends up being enough time and everything seems to get done.  Either that or we mark through things on the list instead of checking them off.

My husband has taken off of work for the rest of the year starting on the 20th.  Given he has travelled 190,000 air miles this year that is definitely a good thing!  I am not sure what we will do with that time, but I hope it will be spent with family and friends doing simple things like cozily sitting on the sofa together and chatting.

I wish you peace and happiness as you zip around on your journey to check off the items on your lists (because I know you have more than one)!


The Origin of the Gingerbread House

Whenever I think of gingerbread houses I always think of Hansel and Gretel.  It turns out there is a reason that relationship is etched in my mind.  Although my memory didn’t serve me the fact, the house Hansel and Gretel stumble upon in the woods is made entirely of treats.  Apparently that association must reside somewhere in my head.

Gingerbread houses originated in Germany during the 16th century.  Their popularity rose when the Brothers Grimm wrote Hansel and Gretel (or visa versa).  The making of actual gingerbread, according to some, dates back to 2400 BC in Greece.  The Chinese developed recipes for their version in the 10th century and Europeans followed in the 15th century.  Making the gingerbread into figure-shapes is said to have originated with Elizabeth I of England.  She had gingerbread figures made in the likeness of some of her important guests.

Today, making gingerbread houses at Christmas time is a holiday tradition for many!  I guess we have Hansel and Gretel (or the Brothers Grimm) to thank for that!

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