Snakes in the Attic to Snakes in the Toilet

November 30, 2017

Snakes in the attic to snakes in the toilet.

Our rental is great.  We are so thankful to have found a place that is convenient to the elementary school, shopping and our house site.  It is cozy and quaint, and it works.  We are thankful.  Really.  We are.

But, it is not perfect.

After we first moved in we discovered there were snakes living in the attic.  They have since evacuated and, to my knowledge, have not returned.  Now, another kind of ‘snake’ has been introduced into my life.

The kind you use to unclog a toilet.

Toilet unclogging is my knight in shining armor’s job.  And, it has been his job every other week or so since we moved into this rental because the plumbing is completely inadequate.  We have an unspoken agreement.

This week, he is on the other side of the world fighting dragons or something.

And, as luck would have it, we had no working toilet in our rental, again.  So, from half-way around the world, my husband talked me through how to ‘snake’ a toilet.

We actually own a snake, because we have that much of a problem.  And, it is just easier than calling the landlord.

The tiny lake house had the smallest of small septic systems.  Yet, the one bathroom supported our family of five for fifteen months, without incident, until the very end when the toilet overflowed twice.

While I fully recognize this is a first-world problem, at this point, I would be happier with a port-a-john.  Maybe we will just start driving out to the house construction site?  After all, there is a port-a-john there.  Or, I could find one of these?


Our builder is doing a remarkable job building our house.  It is moving along relatively on-schedule, but I am considering launching a campaign to have my followers drop him a voicemail or a text message to turn the build into more of an extreme-home-make-over-like timeline.  Kind of like when you call your congressperson?  Is that too much to ask?

Maybe I need more followers.

Despite all the despair over plumbing, I am actually thankful for this new snake knowledge.  It will definitely come in handy over the next several months!  But, I am still pondering whether the attic snakes moved south to the pipes.  If so, I bet they now have a black eye or two!

For now, I am giving a nod of thanks to my snake for convincing the porcelain gods to get things mostly back in working order.

And, just a small favor,  if you are in or around LKN – would you mind dropping of some bleach?  😉

XO, Melissa

Click here and scroll down to learn some tidbits about the reptilian kind of snakes.  With all of the warm weather we are having here in the south, they are likely out and about!

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