Thanksgiving – Small Town Parades and Homemade Pies

November 23, 2017

It is Thanksgiving!

I am brushing off the angst and urgency of the last couple of days with a cup of coffee in anticipation of some home-cooked turkey and all of the fixings!  And, I bet I am not alone!  There is a lot of rushing around that has to happen for the holidays and I’m not even the one cooking the turkey!

My desire to get my little ones packed for our trip before I picked them up early from school to go to the Christmas parade didn’t help either.  I must admit that the thought of skipping the parade crossed my mind more than once.  But I was very glad we didn’t because a small town parade is so wholesome and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon….even with a million things looming on a to do list and a road trip on the horizon.

I must remember that next year!

Christmas Parade - Thanksgiving


Santa Claus ThanksgivingDespite the distraction of the cute floats, marching bands and dance troops our holiday stress was exacerbated by our decision to start looking for a puppy.  We quickly realized that one must really plan ahead to find a puppy (if you are going to be particular about the type of puppy you would like).  In our case, that is a golden doodle, so that my apparent dog allergies won’t be agitated by the presence of a fur baby.  Almost thirteen years with a German Shepherd.  Who knew!

But alas, we missed out on puppy after puppy.  Just as we would sit down to discuss our options, and lean in the direction of a puppy – that puppy was adopted.  It happened to us three times.

But, here in the heart of the season of thankfulness, not getting a puppy is actually one of the things for which I am thankful.  After all, we have plenty of time!  It seemed like such a rush to scoop up the last of a litter.  So, we will ramp back up after the holidays when we can more-carefully consider our choices.

Hopefully we will find a puppy who will be ready just in time to move into our new house with us, which, as you can see, is coming along quite nicely.

House - ThanksgivingWe enjoyed the parade, had a quick dinner with friends and headed north to my parents’ to spend the Thanksgiving holiday.

Now, here I sit surrounded by flour-dusted children and the aroma of apple and pumpkin pies.  And, amongst all of the things for which I am thankful, here are a few that stand out from the last day:

My children making pies with my mom.

Thanksgiving PiesMy animal-loving girl watching the cows graze amongst fresh-tossed hay below cloud puffs and perfectly blue skies.

Cows at ThanksgivingForts made from garden weeds in the very, very, very bright sunshine.

Thanksgiving Fort

And, little hands who make sweet signs even though they haven’t quite mastered their letters.

Happy Thanksgiving

“Happy Thanksgiving!”  The perfect message to send you on your way to find your elasticized pants!

I hope you make many pies and eat them with friends and family.  May you gaze at the cows grazing on freshly thrown hay in green pastures.  And, may you build forts in the sunshine with the people you love the most.

Journey on,


The first Thanksgiving feast in the United States occurred 396 years ago in Plymouth New England.  It was a feast shared by the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians.  Approximately 102 people attended the feast, which was held to celebrate the autumn harvest.  It wasn’t until over 240 years later in 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday.

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