Yesterday Was “National Love Your Red Hair Day” – Oh To Be a Redhead!

November 6, 2017

I felt like I won the lottery yesterday.

First, I woke up and due to daylight saving time, I had an entire extra hour with which to dawdle.  For a fleeting moment, it made me feel like I should get up an hour earlier every day.  Then I sobered up and I realized waking up early is just silliness. 😉

After that, while waiting for my homemade breakfast biscuits to bake, I popped open Facebook on my phone and saw that it was National Love Your Red Hair Day!  And naturally I was excited!  After all:


Who knew such a thing existed?!

I’m so glad a friend tagged me in the news article, so that I could relish in the glory of redhead love all day.

Oddly, at the onset of my awareness, the most amazing things began to happen.  First, a hoard of people in royal servant attire arrived at my door.  Some blew bugles, while others had their arms full of jewels, chocolate and cashmere for me.  A chauffer drove me around on my errands.  And, wherever I walked, people kneeled before me as if the Queen of England herself was walking before them.

It even happened in the crazed Halloween section of Target where I scored this fantastic black wig for less than a dollar.  Don’t mind the photo-bombing non-redheaded blonde girl.

Redhead in Disguise

At least I have it – just in case redheads fall from glory.  (But then I started to worry a little bit about head lice even though it was completely sealed in its package).  Eek.

While I was at Target, people parted like the red sea as I walked gloriously through the new Chip and Jo Hearth and Hand section.  A woman (after fawning over my hair of course) told me Chip and Jo were just at Lake Norman redoing someone’s boat slip.

Of course that makes no sense to me.  One, because how does one ‘Fixer Up’ a boat slip?

And, two, why didn’t they tell me they were here??

I returned home, and immediately propped up my feet.  I was then fed grapes by my children as I reclined and read my Our State and Garden and Gun magazines while watching football.

Ahh.  The life of a redhead!  I bet you are as green as the Hulk himself knowing how all the redheads spent their Sunday, November the 5th!  Unless of course you are one too. 🙂

Well, truth be known, my ‘redheads are awesome and should rule the world day,’ or National Love Your Red Hair Day, as it is actually known, went more like this:

I got up no later than any other day, helped fix breakfast and then went to the grocery store three times.  Twice because not one grocery store alone carries all the eats I prefer to purchase.  Then, when getting ready to toss dinner in the crockpot, I realized I was missing a key ingredient.  So, off I went to the grocery store for the third time.

While I was hopping from store-to-store, I was able to give a shout out to at least one redhead, alerting her to the celebration that was going on all around us.  I alerted another woman, but right after I said, “Heyyy,” I realized her red was bottle-fed.  I gave her the news flash anyway, so she could relish and celebrate what it is like to be a redhead.

Men with bugles and chocolate immediately began following her around, although they looked skeptical.

I saw them retreat in the frozen food section.

Her hair looked pretty good, but despite the quality of hair dye these days – dye cannot replicate the full package of a redhead.  There are quite a few unique characteristics that only come with the redhead gene.

For example:

Redheads are more sensitive to temperature and pain.  This means that we usually need more anesthesia for medical procedures.

Only 2% of the world’s population has red hair and they are more likely to be left-handed.  I am one of six children and we all have red hair.  Only one of us is left-handed (not me).  FYI – I am the alien child in the front.

Redhead Siblings

I have seven red-headed nieces and nephews and to my knowledge only two are southpaws.

Redheads don’t usually go grey.  Instead, the pigment fades and hair begins to appear more blonde.

Bees like us more (I don’t think that is a good thing unless they come bearing honey).

Redheads have less hair (darn it), but apparently because it is red it is more coarse, so it looks just as full.  I suppose that makes up for the fact I have 35% less hair than blondes.

And, my favorite redhead factoid:  the rarest eye color for a redhead is blue.  Ah.  What it must feel like to have red hair and blue eyes!  😉 Of course, I like to remind my husband of the rare gem that I am.

Some days he needs that reminder more than others.

These days, redheads are admired, celebrated and sometimes envied for their ginger tresses.

When I was growing up it could be a reason to be teased.  While I was not, many redheaded kids were chided and called carrot top or other things.  Perhaps the shift is because of the National Geographic article several years back that said red heads were going to be extinct in 100 years.

I wonder if a wise and cunning redhead was behind that study.  Perhaps Hitler was right when he forbade redheads to marry, as they would produce “deviant offspring?”

I’m just glad I didn’t live in Germany during the 15th century, as it is estimated 45,000 redheads were burned for witchcraft.  Although, I am not quite sure that is true.  Just like some say redheads have tempers.

Personally I don’t think tempers discriminate.  Science backs me up on that, finding that tempers are more-related to the amygdala.  Researchers have found that people who react more aggressively in situations actually have bigger amygdalas.  The good news is that the brain can be retrained and the prefrontal cortex can reign in the amygdala-driven impulses.

If you have a temper that flares – look at it this way:  every time you calm yourself and curb your temper it is a win for the prefrontal cortex and one step closer to retraining your brain!  And if you have red hair and a temper – don’t be so quick to blame your tresses!

In any case, I’m happy to know that there is a day to celebrate all the gingers and that this year it fell in line with getting an extra hour via daylight saving time!

Journey on and hug a redhead…if you can find one!


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