Little Lessons in Baseball

October 26, 2017

As of last night, my oldest son’s baseball season is officially over.  The Tigers lost in the semi-finals.  It was their second loss of the season.

Now, baseball is the only sport he wants to play.  When I suggested he try out basketball, he told me he really just wanted to focus on baseball for the next year or so.

My son was on a great team of kids, with varying levels of playing abilities, led by a charismatic, passionate and empowering coach who I described before here.

Last night, he hit the ball and it made it to the outfield grass.  He met his goal for the season.  The wind of that hit will be in his sails for many days to come.

But, alas a great coach and a great team don’t always win the championship.  The kids learned that lesson last night.  And, as the coach gathered the team after their loss, he met their emotions and welcomed them.  He lined them up on the bench and said, “Raise your hand if you’re upset.”

Lessons in Baseball

A few of the children reluctantly raised their hands.

The coach looked up and down the bench and then demanded, “All ya’ll raise your hands!  You’re upset!  It is okay to be upset!”

And there they all sat with their hands raised, some crying.  They were all at varying levels of disappointment that their season was over and that they wouldn’t be playing in the championship game.

The coach added, “It is okay to be upset guys, but it’s not okay to kick and scream.  It’s okay to be upset.”

Little lessons.

I wish they would have won and had a chance at the championship, but I suppose lessons in doing your best yet still losing are needed.  Maybe next time Tigers!

In other baseball news, my husband is a lifelong Houston Astros fan, so we are excited to be watching the Astros play in their first World Series since 2005 (which was their first and only other appearance other than now since being established in 1962).

We are hoping to cheer them on to their first World Series Win!

XO and Go Astros!

The History of the World Series

In Major League Baseball (MLB) there are two leagues, the American League and the National League.  The World Series is the annual championship series between the two leagues and the winner is determined through a best of seven playoff.  Sometimes referred to as the Fall Classic, it is typically played in October and sometimes November.  The winner of the series receives the Commissioner’s Trophy.

In 1969 the process of determining the contenders for the World Series changed from sending the team with the best regular season win-loss record in each league.  Since 1969, each league conducts a championship series and that determines which teams will advance.

2017 will mark the 113th World Series.  The American League as one 64 and the National League has won 48.

Let’s bump that American League score up the 65 Astros!

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