The Butts, Biceps and Backs of Burn Boot Camp – Body Diversity

October 16, 2017

For a couple of years I worked out in my living room to the DVDs of Shaun T’s Beachbody Insanity after the kids were in bed.  I looked above the mantle at the television and sweated all by myself on my living room floor with the coffee table shoved to the side.  Because the children were asleep upstairs, I tried my best to be as quiet as possible as I did power jumps and any other plyometric exercises.

There was a little, tiny part of me that feared I might die alone, right there in my living room, at the hand of Shaun T, only to be found by the kids the next morning 😉 (my hubs travels).

Thankfully, some evenings, a few friends would come over, after putting their kids to bed, and we would pick a spot in the living room or dining room and find some fellowship, to the tune of Insanity.  We were interrupted occasionally by the curious child who would wander downstairs to see what the thumping was all about.

It worked for a while, but the repeat of the same work outs over a short amount of time gets a little boring despite the comradery of friends in your living room.  Plus, we moved to the tiny house, so I no longer had the luxury of space.  As a matter of fact, the seven foot three inch ceilings made it completely impossible for my five feet ten inch frame to do power jumps.

It was a good excuse anyway.  So, the DVDs were packed away.

Left to fight my slowing metabolism and busy schedule, I lamented my woes on the preschool playground to some fellow moms.  A couple of women there had joined Burn Boot Camp and sold me on giving it a try.  It wasn’t a hard sell.  Free childcare.  Never the same workout twice.  A fantastic trainer and infrastructure.  And, they were seeing transformations in their strength and fitness levels.

So, I signed up for a thirty day trial and ultimately joined Burn Boot Camp Mooresville for the year.

Joining a new gym can be extremely intimidating.  Often, people there have been working out together for quite some time.  Some gyms have a certain lingo.  And all have terminology for their exercises, like mama makers, star jacks and Romanian deadlifts.

It is not only intimidating, but overwhelming – and even more so if you aren’t at the fittest point in your life.  Or, if you have never been at a fit point in your life.  You might feel like you can’t perform at the same level as everyone else, or that you might not fit in.

Spoiler alert:  everyone is working too hard at Burn to notice if you can’t quite muster that one pull-up.  Trust me.  I am a pull-up virgin.  There.  I said it.  Now everyone knows what I can’t do, but no one knows what you can’t do.  They will just encourage you regardless, because they believe and know you can.

A few weeks ago, as I dug deep to sustain life and to find some sort of motivation during a 100 burpee finisher, I looked around for inspiration.  As I stood there and panted I saw it for the first time.

All around me were women from all walks of life, each with a different body type, each with a different level of fitness.   Some were fighting cancer, some were new to the gym, some were in the best shape of their lives, some weren’t.  The only thing that lacked diversity is that they were all giving it their best to finish the workout.  Some were even paused just like me, trying to catch their breath, but most of them were at some phase of a burpee.  One of 100 needed to finish the camp.

Different butts.

Butts of Burn Boot CampDifferent biceps.

Biceps of Burn Boot Camp

BBC BicepsDifferent backs.

Burn Backs

Backs of Burn Boot CampDifferent bodies.

The Women of Burn Boot CampAll strong.

I took a deep breath of encouragement from all of them and dropped down to finish my burpees.

My fondness for Burn Boot Camp grew from its already fond place.

Burn Boot Camp is a place where each person is guided to learn the lingo, to learn the equipment, and to do their best.  Over time that ‘best’ transforms to better, making the ‘best’ something that was previously unattainable.

No one looks the same.

It is a different workout everyday.

The gym houses an infrastructure where inclusion is expected and ambassadors are available to assist and guide any new members as they acclimate to the gym.

A group of strong and capable women.  All different.  Not one same butt, bicep or back amongst the bunch.  Diversity of fitness.

How fortunate I am to be a part of it all.

Journey over to Burn Boot Camp Mooresville or a Burn near you and check it out!



One thing is for sure.  When you workout at Burn, you will sweat.  So what is that all about anyway?

A person has 2 to 4 million sweat glands, with the highest density being on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.  The number of sweat glands you have, does not change as you age.  Sweating is regulated by the autonomic nervous system.  Using the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, signals are sent to the sweat glands.  Sweat is then released to the surface of the skin through ducts.

It is the evaporation of sweat that cools you down.  In order for surface liquid molecules to evaporate, they must overcome the force that binds them together.  In that process they use up energy in the form of heat, drawing the heat from the liquid surface.  As the molecule evaporates it removes the heat from the sweat that is left on your body.

Sweat is odorless and most is colorless as well.  The odor is produced when bacteria on the skin mix with sweat.

Here in the south, sometimes it is so humid it doesn’t feel like sweating helps at all.  That is because it has a hard time offering relief.  The thick, humid air has little room to receive any escaping liquid particles, so they stay put – leaving you wet, but not cool.

If you train regularly, your body will improve its ability to control its temperature.  It will start sweating sooner, in anticipation of a rise in body temperature.  Your body will also increase its sweat-producing abilities by enlarging your sweat glands.


I was not paid to write this post.  I am a sincere advocate of Burn Boot Camp, due to my own experiences and the transformations I have seen in others.  To help feed their mission to help women achieve better health, I partnered with my local BBC to share my story and as such my membership fees are waived.

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