The Doings of a Stay-at-Home Mom the First Week of School

September 11, 2017

Have you been on the edge of your seat waiting to see if I wallowed in self-pity and loneliness last week, as my husband worked overseas and my three little ones all went to school?!  On Tuesday morning our Parent Teacher Organization hosted a Boohoo/Yahoo coffee, but I wasn’t able to make it.  I’m sure misery would have loved company one way or the other.

A lot of you told me I would be busier than I expected and that I would find myself rushing around to tie up loose ends before going to pick up the kids.

Well, you were pretty much right.  Either that or I have become horribly inefficient rather quickly.

My husband finally returns home tonight from the other side of the Earth and even though we are barely into the school year, I’m already short on lunch ideas and yearning for someone else to stand with the refrigerator door wide open at 6:00 in the morning.  I am hoping jet lag will work out in my favor for tomorrow morning. 😉

Anyway, here is a quick snap-shot of how I spent my first week of school and a wrap-up of our uneventful and low-key weekend.

I returned to my fantastic gym, Burn Boot Camp Mooresville, after taking a hiatus for the last couple of weeks month of summer.  My five-year high school reunion is in a month, so I really need to get back to it!  Wait.  Did I say five year?  Ahem.  I meant to say twenty-five?

Holy cow – how did that happen?!  I wish my stuff wasn’t in storage so I could share a throw-back picture to 1992.

Thanks to Face Book though, here is a gem from our twentieth reunion.  I wonder what hour this was taken?  Surely, it was when we first walked in?  That’s me in the middle. 🙂

High School Reunion

Back to my week…. I had brunch one morning with some friends where we chatted about our ups and downs and all things back-to-school.  At one point we discussed how some folks don’t realize all of the things that stay-at-home mom’s do on a daily basis.  Then we cackled because by that point we had been sitting there for at least two hours.  😉

And, I tried out tennis for the second time in my life.

Folks, if you have read much of my blog, or if you know me a least a little bit – you know that I struggle with realistic expectations for myself.  I held my own in my heyday with basketball and volleyball and generally consider myself athletic, but I do not know how to play tennis.  Fifteen-love?  What is that anyway?

Well, much to my dismay, my lack of tennis prowess showed.

In small talk with the instructor he asked what sports I have played.  When I told him basketball and volleyball, he said, “Oh, good!  That will help with the hand/eye coordination.”

After tennis I made an appointment with the ophthalmologist to see if I am a cyclops.

Perhaps I will see my friend Pablo of Trick Shot Tennis at our high school reunion and he can offer some pointers!

Our weekend was mostly low-key with a smidge of thrill seeking peppered in by the likes of nail sandwiches. 😉  And, also a bit of boring as we sat at Safelite for almost two hours getting my shattered windshield repaired (thanks to the unidentified flying object on the interstate).  The silver lining is that the folks at Safelite are super friendly and super efficient.

We pre-shopped the Halloween aisle to get some ideas before everything gets scooped up.  This is a photo of my three, which is actually how they normally look when we are shopping at Target.

Halloween Shopping - SchoolOur rental backs up to a little golf course, so we hunted for golf balls.  Our collection is now upwards of thirty and resides in a basket making up our dining room table centerpiece.

Golf Balls and School

My daughter spied this giant spider as we trapsed through the woods.  Thank goodness she has great eyes for spotting things!  I know the picture is a little blurry, but photos of spiders in my world are taken with the zoom feature.  And, for the record, if a venomous snake is spotted on our hunt we will cease and desist venturing into the forest to find gleaming white balls.

I am not ashamed.  I will go to the sporting goods store and buy sleeves of golf balls and stealthily toss them into the yard.  Just saying!Spider - SchoolMy eldest found this fantastic display of fall foliage on our hunt, even though most of the leaves on the trees are still green.  Do you remember why leaves fall off the trees?  One of my first posts outlines why.

Fall Foliage - School Week

We had our first t-ball practice.  One of the moms said she got the short straw and had to bring her son to practice instead of her husband.  Meanwhile, I wouldn’t miss it for anything and I’m over at the fence with my phone trying to capture every second of the bobble-head scene. 🙂

Tball and School

And, we went to collect nails at the house we are building.  My oldest has decided the nails will be antiques when they are around seventy-years old and plans to sell them then.  He has convinced his younger brother and sister of this as well, so they all zestfully collected nails for at least an hour.

I suppose it is possible, providing they have the right patina?  I wonder if it matters that they are crooked.  Perhaps I should consult an expert over at one of my favorite shows, The Antiques Roadshow.

Nail SchoolMy daughter sacrificed some of the collection to make me two nail sandwiches.  Tempting.  I think I will stick to ham and cheese though.

Nail Sandwiches for School

And that was a wrap for the weekend, aside from the independent musician who set up a tip ‘jar’ between our dining and living rooms.  He is so desperate to make some of his own money, so that he can buy supplies to build his inventions.  I dropped a handful of change in and his little brother was generous enough to pull a dollar from his piggy bank and leave it in the mega block tip jar.

I must say he is pretty creative and resourceful.

Drumming School for Money

My husband is on his second trip to Hong Kong, which is rich in culture and history.  We are considering taking the kids (and me) next time he goes!  Scroll down to learn about Hong Kong’s time under British rule.

A British-Ruled Hong Kong

After 1841 and until 1997, Hong Kong was ruled by the British.

During the First Opium War, China ceded Hong Kong to the British in an agreement to end the first Anglo-Chinese conflict.  Britain invaded China in 1839 to fight China’s interference in their economic and political affairs.  Britain occupied Hong Kong, and as a result, China ceded the island to the British.

Hong Kong SchoolHong Kong was an East-West trading center and flourished.  In 1898, Britain was granted an additional 99 years to rule over Hong Kong.  In 1984, after years of negotiations, the British and Chinese signed an agreement to approve the turnover of the island in 1997 to China.  In exchange, the Chinese pledged to preserve Hong Kong’s capitalist system.

On July 1 of 1997, Hong Kong was handed over to China. The chief executive under the new Hong Kong government developed a policy of “one country, two systems” preserving Hong Kong as a principal capitalist center in Asia.

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