How to Use a Paper Plate to Make Eclipse Viewing Less Worrisome!

August 20, 2017

We are in South Carolina for Eclipse 2017!  Annnnd, they are calling for a cloudy day.


We are hoping for clear skies, but will have to evaluate the situation when we wake up in the morning.  And, if it is to be cloudy, we are headed north (ugh) to catch some part of it.  After all, a little eclipse is better than none at all!

Regardless of the weather, we are prepared, but there had better be a sun that is shrouded by a moon in the early afternoon where we are in South Carolina!  We shall see!

Anyway, even though we are armed with our legitimate eclipse glasses, I have been a bit worried about the curiosity of my children and whether they might peek over or around their glasses to get a real deal view of the eclipse in action.  I was sharing my worry at a birthday party yesterday and a fellow mom shared that her son’s school was doing something with a paper plate to make peeking a little less possible.

Google is a wonderful thing.  After a quick read of some tutorials out there, we modified our glasses to become a little bit more fool-proof for eclipse viewing.

Despite this contraption, I am of the mindset that no matter what – the little ones should be supervised during eclipse viewing because you just never know what they might do.  Kids are curious creatures and the results of peeking at the eclipse without proper eyewear can be blinding – literally.

So, here is my version of a little (and rough) tutorial of how you can greatly reduce the possibility of your child peering around the paper glasses (which barely stay on to begin with) to catch a glimpse of the unfiltered eclipse.

But remember – it doesn’t replace your supervision!!

Step 1:  Gather your necessary supplies:  Tape, paper plate, approved solar viewing glasses, pen, and scissors (x-acto knife would be ideal, but we didn’t have one).

Eclipse step one

Step 2:  On the back side of the plate, trace the outline of the glasses and also a line on each side where the earpieces of the glasses will bend to go towards the ear.

eclipse step 2

Step 3:  Cut INSIDE of the traced line and ON the line where the ear piece of the glasses bend.

eclipse step 3

Step 4:  Push the ear pieces through the slits and ensure the hole in the paper plate is smaller than the glasses.  Cut a V-Shape for the nose and mouth.  Even though an eclipse can be breath taking, one should still breathe. 😉

eclipse step 4

Step 5: Tape, tape, tape to seal them to the plate, so they don’t separate.  I taped mine on both sides.

eclipse step 5

Step 6:  Test fit to make sure they will work!

eclipse step 6

I am not sure ours will stay on without being held, but it still makes me feel better than using just the glasses!

I hope this takes some worry out of your eclipse-viewing tomorrow!  Journey on (in lots of traffic) and check out the eclipse…but only if you have approved solar viewing glasses!!

XO and journey on!

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