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Musings of Missing Deadlines, Wine & Girl Time

July 3, 2017
NYC - wine

As your mom always says, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”

Last week I struggled day after day about what to write for my Thursday post. If you have followed along, I have referenced my self-imposed “anal blog schedule” before.  I kind of blamed it for the snakes in my attic.  Well, finally, my said schedule fell apart and crumbled to pieces at the hand of a lack of content.

Truth be known – it was a lack of content exacerbated by a girls night out.

I tried to compose my thoughts all day and came up with nothing, so I decided I would revisit my ideas after I went out with friends.  Well, that morphed into a late-night of not enough sushi and too much wine and officially cancelled out any opportunity to create content.

There is the possibility that if I would have skipped the girls night out I would have come up with something, but I decided not to take that chance.

That article about always taking the girl’s trip has been making the rounds on social media again.  A long time friend also group texted it out.  She is one of seven friends with whom I take a trip every year.

Except, I’ve missed the last two trips for various reasons, seemingly valid at the time.  Not valid in hindsight.  That article is so right.

Here we are in California the year most of us turned forty.  Some of us have known each other for 38 years now. (I’m the one in the ‘dang lucky’ shirt below 🙂 ).

California Girl Trip - Wine

Cali on the Beach - Wine

And then a couple of years later in New York City (one is missing – held back by her daughter’s cheer events).

NYC Girl Trip - Wine

So, I extrapolated the handy article and applied it to my situation and decided that instead of sitting within a swirl of unconnected thoughts, I would go out for a girls night.

For just a little while.

Well, a little while, turned into a long while.

Many laughs enveloped untethered conversation topics, which sprang from wine-influenced lips.  A few bottles of wine later for the group and not a selfie stick amongst us, we decided to document our evening with the fancy self-timer photo-feature on our phones.

The results are amusing to say the least.

Wine Induced Selfies

That was a wrap.  Eleven o’clock on a ‘school night.’

Good times trumped blog post.

And, that is the way it should have been and the way it should be (even though I’m still annoyed with myself for missing my self-imposed schedule).

So, I will leave that and my struggle with giving myself grace for ‘failing’ and will instead share a little bit about wine in order to continue my mission to usurp and debunk the mama brain.  Just make sure you scroll down for two-helpful hints about wine, especially if you are one of my wine-drinking friends!

Five Tidbits About Wine

  1. The earliest known wine production is believed to have been as long ago as 6000 BC in the region of Iran.
  2. The Romans were likely the first to age wine in barrels rather than relying on earthenware like the Greeks.
  3. Early vineyards were in the river valleys with the river water providing a source for irrigation and the river itself providing transport for the wine.
  4. After the dark ages, when civilization became more established, the church influenced maintaining vineyards as wine took on religious significance.
  5. In the late 17th century, it was discovered that wine lasted much longer in a bottle with a tight-fitting cork versus in a wine barrel once the barrel had been opened.  (Am I the only one who always thinks of Ferdinand the Bull at the sight of a cork? And how he, “liked to sit just quietly under the cork tree and smell the flowers.” 🙂 )

Ferdinand - Wine

Two Helpful Hints (and not doing one might lead to the other 😉 )

1. The Best Way to Store an Open Bottle of Wine

Wine’s frenemy is oxygen.  If you wish to enjoy the full body of your wine, you might decant it (expose it to more air) to enhance the flavor.  However, after too much exposure, the oxygen will ruin the wine.  So, to ensure you can enjoy an unfinished bottle the next evening, you need to reduce its exposure to air.  Some say putting the wine in a smaller bottle helps or placing it into the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy it the next day works.  I personally love the tool that sucks the air out of the bottle.  A friend of mine (thank you Caroline!) gave my LOML and me one at our engagement party.  It is similar to this and has lasted us fourteen years.  I highly recommend it!

Now, if you decide to single-handedly polish off that whole bottle in one sitting, you may end up with a spill.  So, that leads me to my second helpful hint:

2. How to Remove a Red Wine Stain

  1. Blot the stain.
  2. Soak the stain in cool water.
  3. Cover the stain with salt until you cannot see the stain anymore.  After the salt cakes and dries, remove it.
  4. Rinse the stain with hot water and launder the garment as you would normally.

If all of that doesn’t work – soak the stain for an hour in a mixture of one part white vinegar to two parts water.  Then wash it normally.  And, I guess if that doesn’t work – then next time, save a little of the bottle (see #1) for the next night. 😉

XO and Cheers!  Melissa a.k.a. the mamabrain

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