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Snakes, Dance Recital and 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas – In That Order

June 12, 2017
Dance Pic - Father's Day

May and June are super-busy months for our family.  May starts off with my birthday, followed by Mother’s Day (which I wrote about here).  Then, we hop into June and stare down my oldest son’s birthday, my husband’s birthday, our wedding anniversary and wrap it up with Father’s Day.

I am almost out of breath and broke. 😉

This year we added in pre-school graduation and moving again – just for good measure of course!

Oh, and snakes.  Don’t let me forget about the snakes in the attic.  As you may remember from reading this, we had those too.  I am happy to report though that after 24 hours of mothballs, which permeated into our living space quite quickly and left me wondering if I should head down to the drug store and pick up some Bengay just so I could fully live the part of someone over 80, the snakes vacated their residence in our attic.

It was a little touch and go for a couple of days.

I actually thought I might vacate the premises if they didn’t.  Mainly because of the mothballs.  And, I thought Mrs. Meyers did well to get rid of the musty smell from the tiny house that I talked about here, but I would need vats of it to exterminate the smell of mothballs.  I am not confident her soap suds would have been able to do it.  I think that once you go mothball, you don’t go back.

Thankfully, after the snakes were no where to be found, the maintenance folks took the mothballs out as well.  And, in about two days the smell was mostly gone.  For some reason the smell is lingering in the pantry.  Ewwww.

I have now resolved that I am moving forward with the ignorance is bliss mindset.  I shall not look in the attic.  My husband shall not look in the attic.  If the snakes come back, we do not need to know about them – as long as they stay in the attic!  And, as long as no dead smell shows up like it did last time of course.

Do you know the greatest downside of having snakes in your house?  Your friends will keep sharing lovely videos and stories of snake encounters with you.  Like this and this.  Sounds like I need to clean up my friend list on Face Book doesn’t it?

Ahem.  Just kidding!

And, I can’t help but remember the woman who was driving on an interstate in Charlotte and noticed a copperhead slithering on the inside of her driver-side door at the window.  If you don’t believe me, click here.  True story.  I think I would have crashed the car and then lit it on fire. 😉

Holy canoly.

You probably don’t want to know this, but there are a lot of stories out there of snakes inside houses and cars.  Google if you dare!  But remember that sometimes ignorance is bliss!

There is always something though that keeps us wondering or worried, or on our toes, or busy, or shopping at Target for a last minute gift, or loitering in the parking lot at dance rehearsal to purchase a ballerina necklace for your daughter who has her first dance recital tonight.  I really, really wanted to ask my friend, who was the necklace broker, to throw a little bag of oregano or flour in with mine just to make things look more interesting. 😉

Seriously, there were several of us lingering around her minivan with cash in our hands as she handed out little baggies with the necklaces and these lovely cards inside.  It felt a little bit like Breaking Bad.  The necklaces are super-sweet, made locally and lucky for you if you don’t have the same mutual friend who will meet you in parking lots with baggies of necklaces, she has an Etsy shop too.  Here is a sneak peak at my daughter’s (and did I mention it glows in the dark?).

Necklace - Father's Day

Anyway, I am looking forward to sharing pictures of the dance recital.  That is, if we are allowed to take pictures.  I do not think we can.

Note to self:  read 13-page dance recital handbook and see if one can take pictures during the recital.

I was a wee bit of a rebel and took these snapshots during their photos even though pictures were strictly not allowed!  I did buy a photo package, so maybe that makes it a little less bad?

Dance Pic - Father's Day

Sneak Pic - Father's Day

After the dance recital, I plan to hone in on making Father’s Day plans and then live freely the rest of the summer without much of a schedule (well, except for swim team of course.  Whose idea was that anyway?).

Luckily, I have secured a little gift for my husband for Father’s Day, but if I am honest with myself I should probably find something to supplement it.  Judge for yourself – it is the last one on my Father’s Day Gift Idea List below.  Scroll through and see if you agree!  But, I don’t want you to tell me – because remember I believe that sometimes ignorance is bliss!  Plus, my kids love it.

Good luck on your journey to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for your Dad or for your husband.  I hope this list gives you some good ideas!  And, if you scroll to the end, you can read about the history of Father’s Day!  If you celebrate it you should know about it. 🙂

xo friends, Melissa a.k.a. the mamabrain

Seven Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. A Key Chain

I purchased a personalized key chain similar to this for my husband several years ago and it is still in fantastic condition.  I highly recommend it.  I put one child’s name on each of three sides and then “we love you daddy!” on the fourth side.  I can honestly say that my husband cherishes it.  When he lost his keys recently (they were in my purse – LOL) he was devastated about losing the key chain.

Keychain for Father's Day

2. Car Wash and Vacuum

Take his car and have it washed and vacuumed at a local car wash.  We have a great one close by that has free vacuums and a good automatic car wash for $11.  You can also up the level of cleaning a little and have a person come and detail the car at your house.

3. Fishing Lure (or gear)

My husband has this lure, the Chrome Sexy Shad (it’s the 6th one in the images at the link) and he swears by the magic of it.  Our neighbor did not believe him, so my husband bought him the same lure.  And, within a couple of casts, my neighbor landed a nice-sized bass.  If you have an angler husband, get him the Chrome Sexy Shad.  And, you can tell him you bought it because the name made you think of him. 😉

Lure for Father's Day

4. Something Handmade – Paint Your Own Pottery

I must admit.  I am a sucker for handprint art.  Some people are not – like my sister who has ten children.  She will claim she has been handprint-arted to the brink of death.  But, if you are not my sister and you are a sucker for handprint art like me – there are usually several pottery options under $50 at the paint your own pottery studio.  The studio worker can help you use your children’s handprints to paint a cute scene on a plate, platter, or desk accessory.

Here is the one we did last year for Father’s Day.  I really had to let go when I allowed the kids do more than just the handprints.

Handprint Art for Father's Day

5. A Gift that Keeps Giving

There are a lot of monthly gift clubs you can consider.  There are beer of the month clubs, BBQ sauce of the month clubs, potato chip of the month clubs…the options are practically endless.  This site has over thirty choices from jams, to pickles to chips and more…

6. A Toaster

I asked my husband for some gift ideas.  He rambled on and on about what he would be happy with.  Then, he sincerely said a toaster.

Do not buy your husband a toaster.  This is a bad idea.  How do I know this?  Well, because I bought my husband a toaster for Christmas one year.  He said he wanted one!  But, no matter how much someone wants or needs a new toaster, you should not give a toaster to them as a gift for a major holiday.  Just show up one day with the toaster as a random gift.  Trust me.

7. Something Cheesy (you know, like a trophy that says “#1 Dad”)

Since I now know my husband would be happy with a toaster, I think he should be completely smitten with this.  I was on a speedy trip through Target when I spotted it on a lower shelf and grabbed it for $9.99!  I know it is cheeeeeesy, BUT I envision it holding up a few books on the built-in shelves in his future office.  (It actually has a little heft to it!)  Plus, my kids love it!

In all seriousness, I might supplement it with a little something, but I am not quite sure what.  We are building a house, so I may just stock it with some of his favorite candies and call it a day.

Hurry down to Target before they are all gone!

Whatever it is you choose, I am sure your father or your husband will be happy with your choice.  Now for the history of the day where we celebrate the fathers in our lives:

The History of Father’s Day

The first event to honor fathers was held at a West Virginia church in 1908 in memory of 362 men who had died in coal mine explosions the previous December.  It was not until 1910 though that Father’s Day was first celebrated statewide.  Sonora Smart Dodd, who was one of six children raised by a widower, sought to establish an equivalent holiday to Mother’s Day for fathers.  She went to local churches, the YMCA, and government officials to gather support.  On June 19, 1910, Washington State celebrated the nation’s first statewide Father’s Day.

Despite the urging of President Wilson in 1916 and Calvin Coolidge in 1924, the holiday was not adopted nationwide until 1972 when Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making Father’s Day a federal holiday.

Father’s Day occurs on the third Sunday in June and economists estimate that Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts!

Happy Father’s Day everyone!


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