Ideas for Surviving Summer When Boredom Isn’t Working

June 8, 2017
Stump Standing - Summer Survival

School gets out for my elementary school-age son tomorrow. My twins got out of preschool two weeks ago.  It is almost summer break!

So far, we are already busy with swim team and with watching all of the excavating activity going on at our lot.  They are almost done with clearing it!

Swim Team - Summer Survival

Canon Ball - Summer Survival

Watching Excavation - Summer Survival

Stump Standing - Summer Survival

I am giddy and elated with all that summer has to offer. The freedom to do whatever we want without the confines of a school schedule, no early morning alarm (wait, scratch that one – we are doing swim team.  sigh.), permanent markers penning bucket lists with little boxes for checking each item off, slowing down, visiting family, taking little trips here and there, endless days at the pool…

Then, I wake up from my dreamy thoughts and admit to myself, under a heavy blanket of guilt, that summer break actually causes a slight juxtaposition of feelings within me that is difficult to explain.

On the one hand is everything above encapsulated in giddiness. On the other hand, is the fear of the inevitable stagnant days where boredom is climbing the walls.  The thought, “What on Earth am I going to do with these little people all summer?!” pops into my head more than once.

And then, there is sunscreen.  Sunscreen every 80 minutes.

What is in sunscreen anyway?

Rinse repeat.  Rinse repeat.

Just like everyone else, I do my best to dismiss all of my boredom fears because while boredom spawns trouble, I believe it also spawns creativity and independence.  I remind myself that we don’t have to have something planned every day.  I remind myself that if we don’t have something planned some days, we may not survive.

Aside from one short summer camp for each child and an evolving bucket list, we don’t have anything much planned. But, while the boredom theory is great, I still want to do some things. Especially on those days when everyone is cranky and they need something to take them away from squabbling with one another (and me).

I have the answer.  I have the answer for those days!

Allow me to introduce Jessica.  I met Jessica few years ago in my Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS) group.  She is a doer and runs a cheer and dance competition company called Spirit Solutions.  She has over 25 years of experience in the industry and prides herself on creating quality events for her customers.  So, if you have a child who cheers or dances in the southeast you will definitely want to check out her upcoming events.

Summer Survival - Spirit Solutions

So Jessica, being the doer that she is, created a fantastic list of things to do in our area.  She has called it, The Summer Survival Guide.  Thirteen pages long, it is the go-to list of things to do and places to go in the Charlotte-area and it is ah-mazing!  It has everything from concerts on community greens, to zoos, to splash pads, sports and more.

If you don’t live around Charlotte, North Carolina, I have some ideas for you below.

But if you do live in and around Charlotte and would like to receive The Summer Survival Guide, simply subscribe to join the Mama Brains journey in the little pop up box and I will send it along to you (I promise I will not crowd your inbox!).  And, if you are already a loyal subscriber, worry not!  Just look in your inbox!

Summertime Boredom Busting Ideas

If you live a couple of states over, on the other side of the country, or on the other side of the world, here are a few ideas that might stimulate your own summer survival list to give you a boost on a boring day:

  • free concerts
  • local zoos and drive through animal parks
  • home improvement or craft store craft time
  • movies (theaters and outdoor cinemas)
  • museums
  • splash pads
  • nature preserves and gardens
  • community theaters
  • summer reading programs at your local library
  • local festivals
  • local sporting events (minor and/or major league)
  • amusement parks

May you be a little bored (but not too much) on your journey!

xo, Melissa a.k.a. the mamabrain at mamabrains



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