Relishing in the Busyness of May – A Lesson for Your Mama Heart

May 22, 2017

We had such a busy and bountiful weekend filled with swim team, mother/son bowling night, a t-ball game, graduations (Cub Scout and high school), driving across the state going from one event to the next, a birthday party, and an end-of-year t-ball party.  Exhale.  Is it bad that we chose the latter instead of the Awana awards ceremonies?

Hey, we had five activities on Sunday alone and made it to four (and two on-time).

Swim Team in the Busyness of may

Mother Son Bowling - Busyness May

Last TBall Game - May Busyness

Bonny Graduate - May Busyness

My youngest is enchanted and enamored with all things t-ball and so am I for that matter.  As you all know from what I wrote here, I love all things spring and that includes baseball.  Saturday, I relished in the moments of the last game and yesterday in the tiny trophies for the tiny players who give bobble head dolls a run for their money.

Tball Trophies - May Busyness

That is why we decided to go to the party and not to the church for the Awana awards.  It was a tough choice.

May is such a busy month.  Everyone I know is busy.

And, when I step back from the craziness, just a little, to see the details of our lives and feel the moments of time we are blessed to experience, I love it.  I relish in the busyness.  Because, in reality, the alternative would be quite boring and depressing.

We went to a sports bar restaurant to celebrate the end of the t-ball season and all of our itty bitty players.  Our sports experience has been set so very high by the three coaches – they are all dads with a true interest in developing little people to be confident in their abilities.  They weren’t set on making kids strive to win or to be the best, but instead over the last several months stitched together a love for sports in each player and a love for the game of baseball.  Tailors of little minds and abilities.

We are thankful.

Tball Coaches - May Busyness

Now, even the youngest player knows how to hold a bat with their ‘chicken wing.’  They all run as fast as they can to first base.  They all get down in baseball ready when they are on defense.  And, I don’t remember anyone kicking the dirt or picking grass.  They were all happy at the end of every practice and at the end of every game.

Now, here we all are almost at the end of the month of May 2017.  It is almost mid-year and sometimes the days have been so long, but the months really have been short.  Summer is upon us.

My lesson isn’t text book this week, so I am sorry I am not healing your mama brain, but maybe I’m helping your mama heart.  It is a reminder I make to myself very often (because it is so easy to forget in the frustrations of motherhood and the hurrying to and fro).  The advice is similar to that which I received on my wedding day:

Make sure you pause and soak in the moments, so you remember them, because it will go by so quickly.

Tonight, I made sure I stealthily videoed a random monologue of my daughter as she spoke to me because I knew I wouldn’t remember all the details of the facial expressions and inflections in her tiny voice – let alone what she was telling me.  (This is also why I have 22,058 photos (to be exact) on my phone).  She and her twin brother graduate preschool this week.  And, my oldest finishes second grade.  He is also moving on from Wolf to Bear in Cub Scouts.  All of that in the blink of an eye.

It is so cliché to say, but time flies.  Just imagine for a moment how your mamas and daddies feel.

Pause on your journey and absorb the sweetness and even some of the sourness too because it is equally part of the journey.

xo, Melissa a.k.a. the mamabrain at mamabrains


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