Straying from Commitments – Cornbread and Coffee with Cream

April 18, 2017

Fourteen days in to my Commit to Fit Challenge and I failed. It was without much resistance. We’d driven from North Carolina to Virginia for Easter. The kids had Chick-fil-A in the car complete with the waffle fries. I had a side of chicken from the southwest salad.
Virginia is for Lovers - failure
We arrived at my parents’ house welcomed by homemade soup and cornbread. Buttered.

Cornbread - failure

My stomach practically climbed up my throat and grabbed it by itself. It was ready to cut out the conscious middle man.

Forget you, it taunted. Life is too short.

Weak and under the influence of a drive, complete with traffic caused by a couple of fender benders, I had been forced to sit amongst the tantalizing waffle fry odors for what felt like an eternity. Not to mention the repeated inquires as to how long before we would reach our destination.

After the cornbread came these:

Gum Drops - failure

Spicy gumdrops.

And then, I woke in the morning and poured cream in my coffee forgetting that I had adjusted to unsweetened coconut milk instead of the cream. But that’s not in the fridge at my parents’ house.

Coffee with Cream - failure
Bah black coffee.

And then my mom made homemade bread and gravy to go with the mashed potatoes and turkey at dinner.

Homemade Bread - failure
And just like that – there I was careening out of control on the wrong side of the double yellow line. A head on collision with sugar, forbidden dairy and grains.

Honestly. You win some. You lose some. Then you reset. Life isn’t always about winning. It is about failing too so you can try to do better the next time.

My failure at the hand of gumdrops, bread and coffee cream is comical really. And kind of silly. Except that I did make a commitment and didn’t stick to it. A broken promise to myself.


I failed the challenge to stay within certain limits. Stay on the right side of the double yellow line. No grains. No added sugar. Limits on dairy. No alcohol.  A score of 25 percent.

Last week, I even reminded a friend, who was charting the same course, not to be so hard on herself about what the scale says. “No one is picking you up anyway, so it doesn’t matter what you weigh,” I said. It’s all about being strong and how your clothes fit.

Muscle weighs more than fat.

And now here I am seventy-five percent failure. Lost focus on the goal.  Trying to remind myself that mistakes are a part of learning and growing.

Whoah is me!

Commit to Fit.

Commit to Fit - failure
The beauty in this is that I can start over.  I can pull the wheel right and exit the hiatus.  It’s not that serious so long as it doesn’t breed lackadaisicalness on future commitments.

So if you are out there missing the mark you set. Don’t give up on yourself. Quiet the disappointed voices in your head. Reset. Be encouraged that you can try again. Try harder.

And, if you are making dietary changes, don’t make them before a holiday!  Lesson learned over here!

I plan to reset come Monday. Monday evening that is. I haven’t given up on myself yet!

So what would a professional say about all of this?  I found a little ditty on how one can treat the wounds failure leaves. Here is an outline for you:

First of all, failure does a lot of things to us causing some delusion if you will. It makes goals seem tougher, makes our abilities seem weaker and damages our motivation. It could cause us to become risk averse and limit our ability to think outside of the box leaving us to feel helpless – ultimately abandoning us to make incorrect generalizations about our capabilities.

I referenced those who have failed and were spurred on to succeed here.  In my opinion, failure does do some good and the damage it causes sometimes is blown a little out of proportion.

Personally, I’m not feeling all those things referenced above, but then again my failure is pretty minor on the grand scheme of things.

If I was feeling hopeless though, according to the experts, I could do the following:

Fight the distortions failure leaves on the perception of my capability. Think about my potential and remind myself of why the goal was set in the first place. One must take risks sometimes and frankly I have to fight how anxious that makes me feel.

I can tell you one thing: I will be anxious when I go back to the gym on Tuesday!  But how else are those gum drops and Reese bunnies (oops- I ate those too) going to go?  Here are a few of the ‘lucky’ ones.

Reese Bunnies - failure
The pros say to be creative and focus on what’s in your control. Plan and prepare! I should have simply stopped at the grocery store.

But ultimately I have to review it as an incident and move forward.

This is overthinking my simple illustration of straying from my goal, but it is still applicable.

I know this – I will remember the gravy and gum drops (not together – ick) when I am mid-burpee on Tuesday morning. But hey – I will be mid-burpee and back on the track of Commit to Fit, so that’s all that matters. Reese bunnies under the bridge!

Join me and journey on from failure!

xo, the mamabrain at mamabrains

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