How to Use a Paper Plate to Make Eclipse Viewing Less Worrisome!

August 20, 2017

We are in South Carolina for Eclipse 2017!  Annnnd, they are calling for a cloudy day. What?! We are hoping for clear skies, but will have to evaluate the situation when we wake up in the morning.  And, if it is to be cloudy, we are headed north (ugh) to catch some part of it.  After all, a little eclipse is better than none at all! Regardless of the weather, we are prepared, but there had better be a sun that is… { read more }

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Our Annual Beach Trip

We are at the beach! I asked for the week off ;-), but I thought I would still drop a little beach post anyway.  I am not sure you will hear anything from me later this… { read more }

August 7, 2017